I’m taking swimming lessons!


I know what you’re thinking.

How has she managed to get this far in life without being able to swim? Well, I can, sort of – I do what my son used to call ‘Mummy stroke’… it’s a kind of breaststroke with my face up out of the water. (Don’t want to get my hair wet…)

But now I want to learn to swim properly – up and down, front crawl, breathing in all the right places. I want this to be another tool in my wellbeing kit, a place I can relax and unwind, so I’m taking lessons at our local pool.

And that has started me thinking about the similarities between learning to swim and navigating work life.

Just as we learn different strokes in swimming, our professional journey demands continuous skill development and versatility across a variety of disciplines.

Learning to swim teaches us to face fears with courage, much like the challenges in our careers. We need to embrace a certain amount of discomfort with tenacity and determination, knowing it’s an opportunity for growth.

Just as swimming instructors guide us in the pool, mentors, managers and our team at work can support and accelerate our career development.

Sometimes we just have to put up with being rubbish at something before we master it, and that takes time and effort. The expert in anything was once a beginner. (I’ve swallowed so much water…)

We have to make sure we’re not using up too much energy.

When we get too tired, we need to stop and take time out.

The more we practice, the better and stronger we will become.

What we learn in the swimming pool can provide valuable insights into personal growth and career success. So, next time you hit the pool, remember the lessons that extend beyond the water’s edge!

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